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Henry of Navarre

circa 1600

This fabulous sir is Henry of Navarre, a French king who was a BOSS and when he came into power, paid off opposing nobles instead of waging wars because he didn’t have time for that shit. Unlike some previous kings, Henry actually wanted to improve the welfare of his subjects. He had watched the past kings fuck things up for the people and wasn’t going to let that shit continue.

He built roads for traders, schools to educate the people and used most of the money he had to buy grain to feed his people in times of famine. There shouldn’t be a question as to why the public liked him.

Oh and it doesn’t stop there. Henry also believed in religious freedom clearly because he was a man who was born waaay before his time. He didn’t care about what religion you believed in and made a law that forbid others from harming others just for their religion. Cause’ he do what he want!

I mean just look at that him! He’s bone fide FABULOUS. 

Self portraits. You’re doing it right.

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